my name is ILIJA

and I work under the name of Hardworx , which should represent my seriousness, commitment and passion for my designs and creations...and for heavy music of course.


about me


Since I was a little boy I loved to build and create stuff. Sometimes with legos and sometimes with pencil and paper, and of course, I loved to ride my bike very fast... until I was stopped by tree or some other obstacle.


As much as I love FPS and RPG games, I love to be precise and take care of details as fast as possible. During both work and gaming, I've learned that timing is very crucial and it should be used for instant and useful moves and actions.

To the end!

There shouldn't be any excuses for not achieving goals and causes. So, I'm always willing to go a step ahead and complete my task, or even more than that if I am motivated.

Client's feedback

I'm not alone in this business.

Don’t worry about people stealing your work. Worry about the day they stop.